NFPA 1989 (2019)
Semi Annual Program


Application: Fire Fighting / SCBA

Standard: NFPA 1989 (2019)

Frequency: Semi-Annual Test Program
The NFPA 1989 (2019) is the most current standard available for SCBA use. This replaces the NFPA 1500 standard. Part number LS-901271.

A single test kit is shipped out at the time of order followed by a second kit shipped in 6 months time.
Air quality report & certificate included. The test certificate will be emailed in 2 – 3 days once the sample kit has been returned to the lab.
The test cylinder will connect to a standard Scuba yoke connector or CGA 346 adaptor for SCBA. Please let us know at the time of ordering if an additional adaptor is needed for your system.

Click here to see a sample certificate and testing procedure. Air Testing Info

Sampling Standards:
Oxygen: 19.5 – 23.5%
Nitrogen: 75 – 81%
Carbon Dioxide: 1000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide: 5 ppm
Dew Point: -50 F
Water Vapor: 24 ppm
N.M.HC.: 25 mL/m3
Oil/Particles: 2 mg/m3
Odor: None

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 4 in