NFPA 1989 (2019)
Quarterly Program


Standard: NFPA 1989 (2019)

Application: Fire Fighting / SCBA

Frequency: Quarterly Test
A single test kit is shipped out at the time of order followed 3 additional kits shipped at quarterly intervals.
Air quality report & certificate included. The test certificate will be emailed once the sample kit has been returned to the lab. The Air Check testing kit is on loan for a 2 week period to complete the sample and return to the lab. If you need more time to complete the sampling, the kit can be purchased for $250 which would allow you to sample on demand when needed.
The test kit will connect to a standard CGA 346 filling connector. If you require something other than a CGA connection, please let us know what type of adaptor is needed for your system at the time of ordering. (Scuba Yoke or Low Pressure)

NOTE: Low Pressure sampling ( 100 – 300 psi ) requires a special adaptor that must be requested at the time of order. It is a 1/4″ Female NPT adaptor.

Click here to see a sample certificate and testing procedure. Air Testing Info

Note: Additional shipping will be added to the order to cover four separate shipments for the quarterly program.

Sampling Standards:
Oxygen: 19.5 – 23.5%
Nitrogen: 75 – 81%
Carbon Dioxide: 1000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide: 5 ppm
Dew Point: -50 F
Water Vapor: 24 ppm
N.M.HC.: 25 mL/m3
Oil/Particles: 2 mg/m3
Odor: None

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 4 in