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ISO 8573-1
Class 6 – 10

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Temporarily Out of Stock

Application: ISO 8573-1

Standard: Class 6 – 10

Frequency: Single Test
Air quality report & certificate included. The test certificate will be emailed in 2 – 3 days once the sample kit has been returned to the lab.
The test cylinder will connect to a standard Scuba yoke connector or CGA 346 adaptor for SCBA. Please let us know at the time of ordering if an additional adaptor is needed for your system.

Click here to see a sample certificate and testing procedure. Air Testing Info

ISO Sampling Standards are split into 10 separate classes. This test covers classes 6 – 10.
Classes 1 – 5 are more stringent and have a higher cost associated with the testing process.
The specific class used is dependent on the parameters required by your application.
You can see the different ISO class standards available under the picture thumbnail above.
If you are not sure of which standard you should choose please email us for assistance.

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