Standard Purifier System
140,000 cubic feet



Standard Purifier – 140,000 c.f.

Application: Breathing Air, Drying Gas

Cartridges: X53507, X53677 (2), X53437
Flow Rate: Up to 60 SCFM
Capacity: 140,000 cubic feet at 80 degree (F) inlet temperature.
Dimensions: 36″ W x 38″ H x 5″ D
Construction: Aluminum / Black Hard Anodized
Fittings/Hardware: Stainless Steel
Connection Type: 1/4″ female NPT inlet/outlet.
Working Pressure: 2000 – 5000 psi
Safety Factor: 4:1
Cycle Life: 15,000
What’s Included: Coalescor Water Separator, Drain Valve, Carbon Monoxide / H20 Indicator, Check Valve, Safety Relief Valve, Priority Valve, Pressure Gauge and 1 set of filter cartridges.
Full 1 year warranty

The Lawrence Factor Purifier is designed to be a complete breathing air filtration system for a high-pressure air compressor system. This filter tower system will deliver consistent and dependable Grade E scuba air. It comes standard with a visual carbon monoxide monitor that allows the user to identify hazardous CO levels while filling scuba or SCBA cylinders. Contact us for free advise on adding or upgrading a filtration system for your air compressor.
If your compressor system already has a final stage water separator in place, have a look at our Adsorbent Cartridge Holders. These only include the filter tower. The necessary accessory components can be purchased separately.

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 12 × 30 in