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Seco Lube 800 | TROPICS
Triester Synthetic Lubricant

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Seco Lube 800 (TROPICS) Triester Synthetic Lubricant – 1 Gallon

Equivalent: Oil-0024, N28355, N28355-5, CF-8000, Coltri Oil 157

Composition: Synthetic Triester Liquid
Used in high pressure air compressors for breathing air applications.
Great for compressors in high temperature, hot running areas and extreme conditions. (heat, dirt, sand) Protects against rust and corrosion while controlling carbon and varnish formation. Proper air filtration must present in system.

Can be used as a replacement for the following brands:
Chemlube 800
Bauer oil-0024
Coltri Oil 157
Anderol 755

Viscosity Index 96 ( 135 @ 40 C )
ISO 120

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 in